The scope of activities of LLC “Chemagregat-montazhproekt” is provision of services concerning design activity of process production and mounting of equipment.

LLC “Chemagregat-montazhproekt” is a member of Group of Companies “CHEMAGREGAT” which has a structure of process industrial facility as well as manufacturer and supplier of the equipment intended to work with liquid chemical media including aggressive components. The following equipment falls under this category: pumps and similar units, tanks and vessels, shutoff and control valves, and pipelines.

Long term nondomestic marketing practice is one of the most obvious factor proving that the most competitive productions are the ones that do not waste their financial, physical and mental resources in different spheres but the ones that ensure production performance in one way or another. It is much more cost-effective to submit various design projects to third party contractors than to hire own staff and arrange an infrastructure for ancillary production. Nowadays most of native manufacturing companies prefer to apply such practice in reality so they get rid of their own design departments and submit design requests to special companies.

According to global international experience top management of CJSC “Group of Companies “CHEMAGREGAT”” has decided to commence a new trend which will be a reasonable amendment for an existing equipment production by creating its own design and mounting company LLC “Chemagregat montazhproekt”. Initially this branch was responsible for development of design and engineering documentation concerning produced equipment as well as its mounting. But with time efficiency and profitability of this trend was obvious and gathered experience turned to be a nice boost for expansion of a new company’s activity.

Nowadays “Chemagregat-montazhproekt” is not only limited with design and mounting of different production sites which were created with our equipment but also is dealing with creation of whole production areas. The Company comprises the following types of specialists responsible for different areas:

Production managers: development of production flows and definition of various process flows along with definition of source design data.
Design department: development of nonstandard equipment and development of design documentation.
Design engineers: development of design and engineering documentation and project follow up.
Riggers: mounting of equipment.

Such a strong alliance of production managers, designers, engineers and equipment manufacturers can be considered as a profound base for solving of integrated tasks in order to create new productions and renovate the existing ones.

Today LLC “Chemagregat-montazhproekt” is performing a package of engineering services. They are:

  • — Design and arrangement of process systems, designing and manufacturing of different equipment and process units;
  • — Development of process documentation for construction and renovation of process facilities;
  • — Mounting, supervision and pre-commissioning activities.

“Chemagregat-montazhproekt” is differentiated among the others by highly qualified personnel and availability of its own production assets. We can guarantee qualified performance in a timely manner by using an integrated approach to design, manufacturing and installation of equipment. By choosing our services one can be sure in high-quality and reliable partner.

“Chemagregat-montazhproekt”, experience and skills:

  • — Base data for plants renovation project of “Tan’-Metall” Corporation in China
  • — Base data for titanium-magnesium production plant renovation project of “Jiamusi Titanium”, China 
  • — Base data for renovation project of “Sinlee” Company, China 
  • — Process site upgrade for Titanium production plant in Guian, China 
  • — Reconstruction project of a process line for aluminum polyoxidechloride OJSC “Aurat” 
  • — Technical re-equipment project for aluminum sulfate production process OJSC “Aurat”
  • — Renovation project of sulphuric acid production line OJSC “Syzran Oil Refinery”
  • — Technical re-equipment project for recovery installation of hydrogen sulphide OJSC “Novokuibyshev Oil Refinery” 
  • — Wet-process phosphoric acid and double superphosphate production process OJSC “Dagfos” 
  • — Pre-design documentation for construction of a disposal plant for recycling of fertilizers into construction material and items 
  • — Development of design documentation for a production line of rechargeable lithium-ion cells State Corporation “Rostechnologii”


Certificates and permits